Tier 1 Update – 12.23.17

We touched on this in our last update and playoff implication piece, but this week in Tier 1 was a big one. Because most of the teams were so close, this week’s games would determine the positioning of each team heading into the playoffs. Even after the completion of Wednesday night’s games, there are two […]

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Tier 1 Update – 12.11.17

Ontario Premier Wrap Up Red Wings vs. Hitmen Week 13 kicked off with the Vaughan Red Wings hosting the North York Hitmen.  North York came into the game riding high after a big win against Brampton last week while the Red Wings were in desperate need of a bounce back win after losing their last […]

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Women in Ball Hockey

I love hockey.  Actually, I’m obsessed with hockey.  It encapsulates everything I love about sports; intense competition, athletic ability and it’s the most entertaining sport, period.  The other thing I love about hockey, is that it doesn’t need to be played on ice and it’s still just as awesome.  I’m not a naturally gifted athlete; just […]

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Player Profile: Noah Perlic on the Floor and the Ice

One of the most exciting things in this industry is getting to witness talented up and comers as they develop into star players. Recently, we were lucky enough to sit down with Noah Perlic, one such athlete who has proven himself both on the ice and on the floor in all forms of hockey. Perlic […]

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