Mission Statement

“To unite ball hockey players and enthusiasts from all over the country by creating a social platform where players can showcase their talents and share cool ball hockey related videos, pictures and articles while interacting with each other.”

What We’re About

We are avid ball hockey players and enthusiasts who were looking to give the sport what it deserves; more recognition and unity among the players who play the game. As players who compete in tournaments all over Ontario and playing in leagues, we were able to meet people from all over and had the pleasure to watch and compete against some of the best players in the game. We have grown to appreciate the unique skill that is required to play this game and we’ve seen some amazing things that these players can do with a ball and stick.  Over the years we have barred witness to many great goals, saves, dangles and set ups. Yet most of these plays would become no more than a memory and a great story to tell your buddies later. No one was there to document or record the magic of the game as it transpired. So we decided to build a social platform where players from all over Canada could meet, discuss and share what was going on in their various leagues, different tournaments, and of course share the amazing stick skillz demonstrated in this game. We share our own videos and pictures as well as many other videos, pictures, and articles from the web that we find to be an impressive display of stick skillz, and overall great plays from the game of ball hockey. We strongly encourage players and fans to use our social platform to share videos, pictures and discuss the great plays they see and document on video. Our goal is to unite and grow a game that at times can be very segregated between leagues and players, and also a game that for some people is relatively unknown in their communities.

Our Brand

We took what ball hockey means to us and put it into one brand. As players ourselves we have done the 3 and 4 hour car rides to cities and stayed in hotels for the hopes to win ourselves some hardware. We know the struggle that comes with the game but we also know that the good times with friends and teammates outweigh any of those struggles. We know nothing beats those tournament days when you hang out at the rink all day playing, watching and appreciating this beautiful game. We know how at any age we can’t wait for that night we get to throw on the gear and run around with our friends and play a game we love. We wanted to capture all those feelings and put it into one brand. We have comfortable clothing that can be worn for those long trips to tournaments. We also have sports tees that can be worn under jerseys or after games on a hot day hanging around the rink to stay cool. We also offer fashionable items that can be worn going out to eat after a game, or to a local bar to hang out with teammates or to look good for your first day of school.

Partnership with the Ontario Lung Association

Throughout the years we have been involved with ball hockey we have had the privilege to meet some great people from the Ontario Lung Association. We have harvested this relationship in particular through competing in the Walter Gretzky Street Hockey Tournament and other great events the Lung Association has been a part of. We felt that because of these great people we have met and the outstanding cause they stand for, we wanted to partner up with them and do our part in raising awareness, along with raising money which we plan to do so by giving them a percentage of our product sales, because “When you can’t breathe nothing else matters.”