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What’s going on guys, I’m Tom and welcome to another Stick Skillz video recap!

Last week saw one of the biggest organizations in ball hockey, the World Ball Hockey Federation, hold their 3-on-3 and Master’s games in Bratislava Slovakia.

There was a ton of ball hockey to stay on top of, so in the interest of time, here’s how everyone was sitting after the preliminary round:

The Master’s division saw a lot of competition, but as you might expect, Canada dominated the floor. With a 5-0 record in the round robin, they were heading into the quarter finals feeling pretty comfortable. Czech Republic was right on their tail with a record of 4-1, and Team Europe and Slovakia were in a race for third, each with a record of 2-3.

Things looked grim for Western Slovakia and Team Great Britain in the Quarter-Finals. What this division really came down to was Team Canada vs. Team Czech Republic. This is a match up we’ve seen in past WBHF tournaments, so we knew the tension was there. Both teams were looking strong as they dispatched their opponents in the Semi-Final games, each with a score of 12-7 before moving on to the gold medal game.

We’d like to say this was a close one, but Canada made it obvious out of the gate that they’d be taking home the medal. They won with a final score of 13-5. The bronze medal game between Slovakia and Europe was quite a bit closer, but Slovakia managed to take the win with a final score of 11-9.

The Women’s division had fewer teams, but no less competition. Again, Canada would move out of the round robin with a perfect record of 6-0. Hot on their heels, were the ladies of Team Great Britain who were sitting at an impressive score of 4-2. Slovakia trailed behind with a 2-4 record.

In the Semi-Finals, Canada continued their winning trend, and dispatched Czech Republic with a score of 20 nothing. Team Great Britain then took on Slovakia to determine who would play in the gold medal game. We’ve seen some impressive growth out of the ladies of Team Great Britain this year, and they managed to take the win over Slovakia with a score of 9-6.

We won’t lie, the final game was a bit of an open and shut case. Canada took the win in this division as well with a final score of 14-2.

The Bronze medal game came down to Team Slovakia vs. Team Czech Republic. This game was a bit of an upset. Despite Team Czech Republic’s zero-win record heading into the game, they managed to make their shots count, and take the win over Slovakia with a final score of 6-3.

With so many teams in the Men’s division, they were broken up into 2 pools. In the Red pool, Team Europe was the frontrunner with a 4-1 record coming out of the round robin. After them were Finland and Hungary and Western Slovakia who had each won three of their games played in the preliminary round.

The white pool once again saw Canada come out of the round robin with a squeaky-clean, undefeated record of 5-0. Slovakia weren’t too far behind with their record of 4-1, and Team Czech Republic pulled up the rear with a record of 3-2.

The Quarter Finals saw some crossover between the pools, but they were taken over by the teams in the white pool. To no-one’s surprise, Canada continued to dominate during the Semi-Finals beating Team Great Britain to move onto the gold medal game. Team Czech Republic managed to just barely take the win over team Slovakia with a score of 9-8, moving them into the gold medal game as well, and pitting Great Britain against Slovakia for the bronze.

The gold medal game virtually mimicked what we saw during the Master’s final. Team Czech Republic managed to get a few goals in, but Canada just couldn’t be stopped at this tournament, and ended up taking the win with a score of 19-5. The bronze medal game was closer, but not by much, and Slovakia ended up taking the win with a final score of 12-6.

That was it for the 3-On-3 and Master’s WBHF Tournament. Canada clearly showed that they’re not to be messed with, going undefeated in all three divisions, but being number one can also put a big target on your back. Congratulations to all the teams that medaled in the tournament. There was some impressive play at this tournament, and we can’t wait for what’s next out of the WBHF.

That’s going to do it for this Stick Skillz video recap. What were you guys expecting out of this tournament? Did you think Canada was going to go completely undefeated? Let us know below. As always, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, everywhere on the internet so you don’t miss a minute of ball hockey action. Thanks for watching, until next time.

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