Tournament Wrap-Up: Tier 1 Finals

Last Monday, July 31st, the Metro Orangemen and Brampton Express battled it out for the top spot of the Premier League Finals at the Downsview Arena in Toronto, Ontario. The game was heated, as both teams were ready to leave everything they had on the floor. Both the Orangemen and the Express were even-keeled, and they managed to maintain a back and forth game right up until the end, but ultimately, the Orangemen would be the ones to take the win with a score of 3-2. Both teams put on a great display, and this game was a real nail-biter for anyone following along, but there’s no denying that the Orangemen have had a tremendous year with a 2-1-1 record in this series alone.

The Game

Right away, Brampton came out strong, scoring the first goal of the game. Having seen them play in other tournaments, we knew that if you give Brampton an inch, they’re liable to take a mile – they’re an aggressive team that’ll fight to retain any lead they’ve garnered. This game was no different, and the Express managed to dominate the entire first period.

The only trouble with playing aggressively is that you run the risk of facing penalties. Unfortunately for Brampton, this is exactly what happened. Once Brampton was on a penalty kill, the Orangemen saw their opportunity and pounced on it, scoring two goals to put them into the lead. The Orangemen were able to hold onto their lead for the majority of the game, but near the end of the second period, J.K. Gill of the Express scored, forcing overtime.

Anyone watching at this point had to have been shaking with anticipation as the Orangemen and the Express faced off in overtime. These two titans of ball hockey have proven that they are both capable of walking away with the win, but of course, only one team can emerge victorious. Overtime lasted for only thirty seconds, but with the stakes this high, each second seemed to stretch out exponentially. Finally, Ricky Daponte of the Orangemen scored a beautiful goal to end the game and land them in the top spot of the Premier League Tier 1 finals.

We’d like to congratulate the Metro Orangemen on their stellar record up to this point. They’ve played some truly amazing ball hockey this year, and it’s been an exciting series to watch. Of course, we’d also like to congratulate the Brampton Express for such a terrific display of hockey. Both teams put up quite the fight, and it was unclear who was going to take the win until the very end.

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