Tournament Preview – AOC Weekend of Champs Presented by Bauer

One of the tournaments we’ve been most looking forward to is upon us, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. The All Ontario Cup (AOC) Weekend of Champs Tournament presented by Bauer is happening next weekend, October 20th-22nd and is going to be a tremendous way to usher us ball hockey fans into the colder months, as we start to see fewer outdoor games. One of the major things at this year’s tournament is the prizing, and with such awesome winnings on the table, we know that everyone is going to bring their A game in an attempt to walk away as the weekend’s…well…champs.

The games will commence Friday, October 20th and run through Sunday the 22nd at BHi’s St. Catharines Rink. Over thirty teams come out to compete at the Weekend of champs, across Intermediate, Recreational and Barn division, so players of all skill levels will be playing. One thing to really set this tournament apart from others are the rings that are on the line. Winners of the tournaments will be walking a way with a set of Baron Championship Rings. Not only will these rings signify that you left the tournament a champion, but are also a fantastic way to commemorate a weekend spent playing the game that these teams love. This is truly a prize that each team will want to win, so you can expect some high-intensity play out of the weekend. If you’re in the area, you’re encouraged to make your way down to the rink to catch the games. If you can’t make it down, the games will all be streamed right here.

With the incredible year they’ve had, we’re incredibly excited to check out the London Gulls at the Weekend of Champs. They weren’t quite able to eek out the win at the World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championship this year, so you know they’ll be coming back with a vengeance. Plus, the possibility of a rematch with the Reapers could mean redemption for them. We’ll also be interested to see if the Hamilton Haze and the Healthy Scratches will be back to defend their titles as last year’s champions.

High-level ball hockey isn’t the only thing to draw you to BHi St. Catharines that weekend though. There’ll be great food on sale from Jack Astor’s, and the final shootout for the Chambers Insurance Shoot To Win $1000 Contest. The preliminary shootout saw some major talent, but in the end only two contestants could move on. The final shot will be made by Easton Pummell and Daniel Legault. Each get one shot on a target placed in the net, and if one of them happens to get it in, they’ll be walking away $1000 richer. We were biting our nails during the preliminary shootout, and each contestant only getting one shot is sure to ratchet up the tension.

There is going to be something for everyone at the AOC Weekend of Champs presented by Bauer, so if you’re looking for an exciting way to spend your weekend, consider coming by BHi St. Catharines to get in on the action.

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