Tier 1 Update – 12.23.17

We touched on this in our last update and playoff implication piece, but this week in Tier 1 was a big one. Because most of the teams were so close, this week’s games would determine the positioning of each team heading into the playoffs. Even after the completion of Wednesday night’s games, there are two teams tied for second and two teams tied for third place. We mean it when we say that this has been a very even season, and we know that the playoffs are going to be a series of nail-biters.  Without further ado, we’ve got a wrap up to fill you in on what exactly went down this week, so let’s get started.

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Game one – Brampton Express vs. Metro Orangemen

The first game of the night saw the Brampton Express take on the Metro Orangemen. The Orangemen have been killing it this season, but after last week’s games, they finally relinquished their top spot to the Niagara War Pigs. The Brampton Express, sitting just two points behind the Orangemen in the standings saw their opportunity, and took it – exploding out of the gate with a goal by Adam Bevilacqua (assisted by Gurjeet Gill and Marcel Mallais) in the first 45 seconds. Shortly after, at the two minute mark, the Express scored again with a goal by JC Gill (Yusuf Ahmed and Ronnie Evenden with the assists). The rest of the period was a heated back and forth affair, but neither team could score another goal.

The second period was much of the same. It wasn’t before the 13 minute mark that Anthony Quattrociocchi of the Express would score the final goal of the game with help from Shawn Hannon and Jazz Singh. This win was huge for the Express, and would move them from third place, to being tied for second with the Orangemen. This changes our outlook on how we think the playoffs will go too. We were convinced that it was going to be down to the War Pigs and the Orangemen, but to watch the Express claw their way back to second at the end of the season, and to see the Orangemen go scoreless this game has us singing a different tune entirely.

Game two – Niagara War Pigs vs. North York Hitmen

Now this was an exciting game. Very even, and in the end, came down to just one goal. It was one of those games where you just couldn’t predict a winner. The first two goals came from the War Pigs, scored by Derek Hann and Marshall Boyes, but shortly after (and pretty rapidly) Matt Allen, Victor Azevedo and Joe Carroccia of the Hitmen fired back hard with three goals of their own. There was some back and forth for a few minutes before Andrew Jegg of the War Pigs would tie up the game with some help from Marshall Boyes and Munavar Hamdani.

The second period was much of the same…very even. One team would score and the other would answer. Both teams were really fighting, resulting in a tie at the end of the game which would move into a shootout! The War Pigs and the Hitmen moved into an intense shootout where the Hitmen eked by 2-1 score on a goal by the 12th shooter, Matt Allen.

Game three – Vaughan Red Wings vs Barrie Flyers

The final game of the night saw the Vaughan Red Wings take on the Barrie Flyers. We remarked last time about how we were pleased to see the Flyers put forth such an effort even though they were cemented in last place for the season. This week was no different. They put up a Hell of a fight, and managed to come out on top. After nearly fifteen minutes of no scoring, Wyatt Chesson of the Flyers managed to score with the help of Matthew Russell and Randy Kelly. The Red Wings would answer shortly after with a goal by Julian Spagnuolo a few minutes later (assisted by Taylor Tollefson and Anthony Valentine) to bring the game to a tie moving into the second period.

In the second period, the Flyers really ran away with it. After another scoreless fifteen minutes, Wyatt Chesson and Alexander Taylor of the Flyers would each score a goal (assists by Randy Kelly, Matthew Russell, Isaiah Bayley-Hay, and Matt Divito) winning the game with a score of 3-1. This victory for the Flyers was well earned, and means that the Red Wings have locked up the fourth place spot moving into the playoffs



Niagara War Pigs 15 9 6 0 20
Metro Orangemen 15 9 6 0 18
Brampton Express 15 8 7 0 18
Vaughan Red Wings 15 8 7 0 16
North York Hitmen 15 8 7 0 16
Barrie Flyers 15 3 12 0 6



Just look at these standings. It’s almost unheard of to see this level of parity, which means that to predict what’s going to happen in the playoffs is near impossible but we know that it’s going to be exciting. We touched on how the War Pigs would need to really be on their toes in our piece last week, as everyone would be gunning for them, and the game with the Brampton Express really proves that. They’ve clinched first place, and will be facing off against the Red Wings to determine who will move on. Right now, our money is on the War Pigs, but we have seen some impressive play out of the Red Wings this year, and would be remiss to count them out right away.

The Orangemen and the Express will also be facing off to determine who moves on to the final game, and this is an even tougher call to make. The Orangemen have had a terrific year, but have shown signs of slipping the last couple weeks. Alternatively, the Express have been really working to make their way back to the top. We wouldn’t be surprised if the final game comes down to the War Pigs vs. the Express, but only time will tell…and we can’t wait!

Upcoming Games

Wed. Jan, 3rd, 8:00pm – 1st place vs 4th place

Wed. Jan 3rd, 9:20pm – 2nd place vs 3rd place

Wed. Jan 10th, 8:00pm – 4th place vs 1st place

Wed. Jan 10th, 9:20pm – 3rd place vs 2nd place

Wed. Jan 17th, TBA – 1st place vs 4th place (tie breaker if necessary)

Wed. Jan 17th, TBA – 2nd place vs 3rd place (tie breaker if necessary)

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Quebec Tier 1 Update

Monday, December 19, 2017

Team Haiti vs. P-Ball

As you get close the holidays, it’s always tough to hit the floor with a full roster.  This was the case for Team Haiti as they took on P-Ball in the Quebec Premier League on Monday night.  As is often the case when you take on a team of P-Ball’s calibre, you pay the price; Team Haiti found themselves in a 2-0 hole, quickly.  Even when Team Haiti’s netminder took the net, P-Ball was still in full control, adding three more goals (P. Bibeau, J. Gagne, G. Saulnier) before the end of the first.  Team Haiti’s C. Plaisir was able to break up P-Ball’s shut out bid in the second however, it would be too little too late and P-Ball would go on to a 6-1 win.

SalumiVino player of the night was P-Ball netminder P.O. Girouard.

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