Tier 1 Update – 1.9.18

This is it, we’re getting down to the final games of the Ontario Premiere Winter season. With just a few games remaining in the playoffs, things are getting majorly heated. The first playoff games underway, and all the teams are still incredibly close, so who will end up on top is still up in the air. What we do know is that the next few games are going to be incredibly exciting, and we can’t wait to see some of the action that’s about to take place. For now, we’ve got a wrap up of what went down during last Wednesday’s games, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s Tier 1 Update!image of custom team wear ad

Game One: Niagara War Pigs vs. Vaughan Red Wings

The first game of the night was a real nail-biter. The War Pigs have been on something of a tear this season,

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especially over the last few weeks, but right out of the gate, the Vaughan Red Wings managed to take a powerful lead. At two minutes into the game, Anthony Valente scored for the Red Wings with assistance by Julian Spagnuolo. Just a few minutes later, Frankie Giustini of the Red Wings scored the team’s second goal, followed by Taylor Tollefson scoring the Red Wings’ third goal. The Red Wings were able to take their three-goal league through the end of the first period and right into the second.

The War Pigs managed to turn things around pretty handily in the second period. At only about a minute in, Andrew Jegg managed to get the War Pigs up on the score board with assistance from Marshall Boyes and Justin Bowers. Just a few minutes later, Marshall Boyes scored another goal for the War Pigs with assistance from Iain Downes and Brian Szolga. There was something of a back and forth after this, but the Red Wings’ Anthony Metallo managed to score one final goal for his team, bringing the score to 4-2 for the Red Wings. With just a minute left in the game, Justin Bowers of the War Pigs scored one last time with some help from Daniel Ruddach and Marshall Boyes, as they fought tooth and nail to pull ahead, but just couldn’t manage to take the lead.

The Red Wings were able to take an impressive win over the War Pigs, especially given the Pigs’ recent performances. However, we’ve learned to not count the Pigs out, and know that they’ll be coming back with a fury during this week’s game.

Game Two: Metro Orangemen vs. Brampton Express

The second game of the night, between the Orangemen and the Express was a little less even than the first game. The goals were pretty sparse and one-sided in the first period. Both were scored by JK Gill of the Brampton Express, with assistance from JC Gill, Marcell Mallais, and Matt Tremblet. It really seemed like the Express were going to run away with the game.

However, the Orangemen really turned it around throughout the second period. Their first goal was scored at the two-minute mark by Terry Roache, with assistance by Steven Defalco and Paul Lima. A few minutes later, Danny Pacheco of the Orangemen tied up the score with some help from Justin Cruz and Chris Lima. Following this, the Orangemen went on a tear. The last five minutes of the game belonged entirely to them. One minute after the other the Orangemen scored goal after goal, first by Brian Creador with assistance from Ricardo Pires and Justin Cabral, then by Ricky Daponte, and Steven Defalco, bringing the score to 5-3 for the Orangemen. Finally, with just ten seconds left in the game, Ricardo Pires scored one last goal for the Orangemen with assistance from Nelson Pacheco.

While the score of this game wasn’t as tight as the first, it was an utterly impressive turnaround for the Orangemen, and it left us truly excited to see more out of the Orangemen during the rest of the playoffs.image of stick skillz academy ad

Upcoming Games

We couldn’t be more excited about this week’s upcoming games. Who’s going to win is incredibly difficult to call. The Orangemen were really on fire this past week, but the Express have played some great games this year. These are two real power-houses, so no matter the outcome we’d put money on this game being a pulse-pounding one. Alternatively, a few weeks ago we would have been pretty quick to proclaim that the War Pigs would definitely make it to the finals, but after last week’s showing by the Red Wings, we think it could really go either way. Another win by either the Vaughan Red Wings or the Metro Orangemen means advancement to the finals.

Depending on the outcomes of these games, there may be tie-breakers held on the 17th of January, but for right now, that remains to be seen. All games are being held at The Hangar Arena.

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