Summer Showdown 2018 Preview

Get ready for another intense ball hockey tournament, because the All Ontario Cup (AOC) Summer Showdown is about to kick off at BHi Brantford! The Summer Showdown is going to see teams in both Barn and Rec divisions competing this weekend, July 20th – 22nd, for a chance to bring home the AOC championship rings at this year’s Weekend of Champs tournament, and of course, to have a little bit of fun.

Barn Division

The Barn division should see some decent competition with over ten teams in attendance. Teams playing in this year’s tournament are:

  • Busch Possums
  • Hamilton Knights
  • Perth County Golden Seals
  • TGB
  • Nighthawks
  • Hamilton Hawks
  • Golden Jets
  • Niagara Venom
  • Vikings
  • Hockey Balboas
  • Hamilton Hopefuls, and
  • BDB

Quite a few teams out of Hamilton, which could stir up some interesting hometown competition, but we admit…we’re looking forward to seeing which bird of prey comes out on top during Saturday’s 10:00am game when the Nighthawks take on the Hamilton Hawks.



There are some familiar faces making an appearance in the Rec division of the Summer Showdown this year. All told, we’ll see:

  • Hamilton Outlaws
  • Hamilton Haze
  • Throwbacks, and
  • Danford Knights

There are definitely fewer teams out for the Rec division, but sometimes it’s about quality over quantity. We know from experience that the Hamilton Outlaws can put on some exciting ball hockey, and while the Throwbacks have had a couple rough showings over the last couple months, we know they’re capable of turning things around. The Danford Knights could be a surprise as they’re coming in as a bit of an unknown entity.

The Summer Showdown is looking like it’s going to be an exciting weekend of ball hockey, so if you’re in the area, stop by BHi Brantford to take in some of the action.

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