Stick Skillz Partners up with Lung Association!!!


Sticks Skillz Teams-up with the Lung Association

We here at Stick Skillz are dedicated to providing you with content and merchandise which promote the games of ball hockey. We recognize that in order for us to provide that content, we need healthy athletes who can find themselves on the rink to deliver the goods. A motto that especially rings true to us at Stick Skillz is one that we borrow from the Ontario Lung Association; “When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters”. Well, what do ball hockey require? A good and healthy lung capacity. With that goal in mind, Stick Skillz has decided that we want to team up in that fight against lung disease with the Lung Association. We will be donating a portion of each and every item sold to help contribute to this fight, and to work with the Lung Association to make sure that Ball Hockey and Lacrosse are available to all athletes who want to play.

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