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Here at Stick Skillz, we continue to debate as to who the best players (in their respective positions) are in ball hockey. Well, rather than ruining friendships here, we’ve decided to put it out to the people! We’ve broken it down into three position categories (Forwards, Defensemen, and Goaltenders). We don’t want to tell you how to vote, but when you’re thinking about it, keep the following factors in mind: how skilled is this player? How clutch is he? Can you rely on him in all moments of a game, and if you could pick one player at that position for a game tomorrow, who would it be?

Just click the circle next to the player you want to vote for and hit ‘vote’ to make your selection.

Have fun voting!

*Note* If voting on an android device, selection buttons may not appear. To cast your vote, click just above the name of the person you wish to vote for and hit ‘vote’ at the bottom of the box.
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