Player Profile: Troy Minor – Prepping for the Worlds

While at the Ontario Ball Hockey Association (OBHA) Summer Provincials, we caught up with Troy Minor, defenseman for BHi’s Great Britain Heritage Team at this year’s World Ball Hockey Federation (WBHF) Championship, and asked him about his most anticipated upcoming tournaments, and how he’s going to approach next year’s WBHF.

Stick Skillz: What have you been up to since the WBHF Championships?

Troy Minor: My team, the Niagara Rebels, were in the Tier 1 playoffs. We got beat out in the semifinals against Midnight. Since then I’ve just been playing a bunch of local stuff to try and keep my legs until the Canadian Nationals in New Brunswick.

SS: Are there any major accomplishments you can speak on since playing at the WBHF?

TM: We [Edmonton Savages] did get gold in St. John New Brunswick this year, so that was quite the accomplishment.

SS: So where do you see yourself going from here as far as ball hockey is concerned?

TM: I’ve already talked to some of the Ontario teams, since you have to have a release to play for another province, about going back with the Savages to defend our title in Manitoba (Winnipeg to be exact). I also hope to be going with Team Great Britain again to the next WBHF Championship.

SS: What is the best advice that anyone’s ever given to you throughout your career in sports?

TM: I guess it’s just that, win or lose, you have to make everything a learning experience. So as much as losing sucks, you have to take it as a learning experience. There’s always a lot of good players out there, and there’s no way you’re going to win every game, so all you can do is take it with a grain of salt, shake it off, and try and improve for the next time.

SS: Unfortunately, Team Great Britain did not take home the gold this year. What do you think the team could do differently next year to change it up?

TM: I think it’s definitely a good learning experience, because it was probably the first Worlds for a lot of the guys. Being at that stage for the first time is definitely a little nerve-wracking for everyone, so I think more or less now its just about mental preparation. Everyone’s already been there, so I think that’ll make it a lot easier on everyone’s nerves. On top of that, people will know more about their own body, and what they should be doing prior to a game. So I think the lead-up to the tournament – more time, more preparation – will be huge for everyone.

We’d like to thank Troy for taking the time to answer our questions, and look forward to seeing him play at the next WBHF Championship.

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