Player Profile: Bryan McGahey Post the WBHFC

Bryan McGahey, player for the Niagara War Pigs and Assistant Captain for BHi’s Great Britain Heritage Team was gracious enough to sit down and answer a few questions for us about what he’s been up to since the championship in the Czech Republic in June, and where he sees his ball hockey career going from here.

Stick Skillz: What have you been up to since the World Ball Hockey Federation (WBHF) Championships?

Bryan McGahey: I’ve been paying down the extra couple weeks I spent travelling throughout other parts of Europe [laughs]

SS: Are there any accomplishments you can speak on since finishing the WBHF this year?

BM: In July I joined the Niagara War Pigs for the 2018 National Qualifier. We lost in the finals to the Metro Orangemen, but still earned a spot in the 2018 Nationals as a result of Metro winning the Summer Tier 1 Championship. I’ll take it [laughs].

SS: What is the next ball hockey event that you’re most looking forward to?

BM: The Worlds. It’s an annual tournament held in Barrie, ON. which attracts more than sixty teams. Last year I played in the B division with the London Reapers and this year I’ll be playing in the A Division with the Niagara War Pigs

SS: How have you been keeping your skills sharp in the months since the WBHF?

BM: My focus in the months since the WBHF has been on conditioning. I want to play late into games with the same drive, endurance, and toughness that I start games with.

SS: What is the best advice you were ever give?

BM: My dad would say: “Never get too high on yourself, and never get low. Try and stay in between.”

We’d like to thank Bryan for taking the time to answer our questions, and wish him the best of luck at the upcoming Worlds tournament in Barrie.

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