Tournament Preview – NABHC Men’s Masters & 4-On-4

With the Men’s and Women’s A & B divisions of this year’s North American Ball hockey Championship (NABHC) completed, it’s time for the tournament to shift focus to the Masters and 4-on-4 divisions. These games will be going on all weekend starting at 9:00am Saturday, April 21st and running through 11:30am Sunday 22nd. The Masters and 4-on-4 divisions of the NABHC will be taking place once again in Trevose, Pennsylvania at the Sportsplex arena, and if the previous iteration of the tournament is any indication, should be quite the exciting weekend.

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Men’s Masters

The Masters division of the NABHC is made up of players over the age of forty, with three roster spots for 37-39. Though the Masters are made up of some older players, there’s nothing slowing these guys down, and they’re just as hungry to take the first place spot as any young ball hockey player. With years of extra experience under their belt, the Masters games can often be a hotbed for expert level technique and play style.

In the A division, we’ll be seeing: The Silverbacks, Wizards, Force, Blitzkrieg, Hired Guns, and Breakaway Beast all meeting to duke it out for first place. The B Division will see: WD40, Breakaway Burn, Sparks, Founding Fathers, Philly Storm, Demons, and Silver Fox. Being that the teams competing are all in the A and B divisions, this weekend should really bring out some excellent ball hockey, and we’re excited to see how these top-level Masters teams fare against one another.

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We’ve written in the past about some of the more exciting aspects of a 3-on-3 game. With two fewer players on a team than in a traditional game of hockey, the onus is on the remaining players to pick up the slack, making for some explosive games. While the 3-on-3 game is picking up some recognition internationally, you don’t often hear of a 4-on-4 tournament. Enter the NABHC. This upcoming weekend, teams in Men’s Open, C Novice, and Co-ed divisions will be competing in a 4-on-4 tournament, and we think that the games will strike a nice middle-ground between the strategy of a traditional 5-on-5 game, and the freneticism of 3-on-3. Teams that’ll be coming out for the 4-on-4 tournament include: Nights Watch, Long Island Clippers, and Riddlers. Interestingly enough, Masters B teams, the Silver Fox and Demons will be stretching their ball hockey muscles and competing in the 4-on-4 tournament as well. This will certainly be interesting to watch, as a win in both the Masters and 4-on-4 tournament would be quite the impressive feat.

We’re looking forward to the rest of the NABHC games this weekend and think that there should be some exciting games out of the event. If you’re in the Pennsylvania area, consider stopping by the Sportsplex arena at 1331 Oreilly Dr, Feasterville Trevose, PA to catch some of the action.

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