Canadian Ball Hockey Association Nationals Tournament Wrap Up

From July 18-21, 2019 the Canadian Ball Hockey Association (CBHA) and the Quebec Ball Hockey Association hosted the 2019 Men’s B, C, D and Women’s B National Championships in Montreal, QC.

Teams travelled from across Canada to compete for the opportunity to call themselves the best in the country.  Here are the results

image of montreal GK ball hockey team
2019 CBHA Men’s B Champs: Montreal GK. Source: CBHA

Men’s B

  1. Montreal GK
  2. Montreal Black Knights
  3. VMG Blizzard

Player Awards

  • Top Scorer: Yannick Labonte (Montreal GK)
  • MVP Defence: Gael Lubwele (Montreal GK)
  • MVP Forward: Maxime St-Cyr (Montreal Black Knights)
  • MVP Goaltender: Darren Lodge (VMG Blizzard)
  • Tournament MVP: Karl Leveille (Montreal GK)

Men’s C

image of montreal punishers ball hockey team
2019 CBHA Men’s C Champs: Montreal Punishers Source: CBHA
  1. Montreal Punishers
  2. Montreal Capitals
  3. Surrey Scorpionz

Player Awards

  • Top Scorer: Peter Karvouriaris (Montreal Punishers)
  • MVP Defence: Jonathan Rochon (Montreal Capitals)
  • MVP Forward: Carl Gingras (Montreal Punishers)
  • MVP Goaltender: Tony Ferreira (Surrey Scorpionz)
  • Tournament MVP: Peter Karvouriaris (Montreal Punishers)

Men’s D

image of montreal A's ball hockey team
2019 CBHA Men’s D Champs: Montreal A’s Source: CBHA
  1. Montreal A’s
  2. Port City Alpine Pigeons
  3. SBS Slayers

Player Awards

  • Top Scorer: Marshall Wilton (Saskatchewan Thunder)
  • MVP Defence: Nathan Belliveau (Port City Alpine Pigeons)
  • MVP Forward: Josh Desmarais (SBS Slayers)
  • MVP Goaltender: Jamie Collister (Montreal A’s)
  • Tournament MVP: Nic Magnan (Montreal A’s)

Women’s B

image of Ottawa Sonics ball hockey team
CBHA Women’s B Champs: Ottawa Sonics Source: CBHA
  1. Ottawa Sonics
  2. Downsview Penguins
  3. Edmonton Cherry Pickers

Player Awards

  • Top Scorer: Kassie Roache (Downsview Penguins)
  • MVP Defence: Vikki Ruth (Downsview Penguins)
  • MVP Forward: Winona Brady (Edmonton Havoc)
  • MVP Goaltender: Melanie Simard (Ottawa Sonics)
  • Tournament MVP: Silvia Ottman (Ottawa Sonics)
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