Canadian Ball Hockey Association Nationals Preview

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This weekend, the Canadian Ball Hockey Association (CBHA) and the Quebec Ball Hockey Association will host the 2019 Men’s B, C, D, and Women’s B National Championships in Montreal, QC.

Teams from across the country will be competing to call themselves the best in Canada. Teams competing include:

Men’s B

  • The Clappers Club
  • Montreal River Rats
  • VMG Blizzards
  • The Big Bastone
  • Kitchener 37s
  • Montreal Black Knights
  • Montreal GK
  • Garage Guys
  • West Coast Coyotes
  • Winnipeg Players
  • Calgary Baby Ducks

Women’s B1/B2

  • Downsview Penguins
  • Edmonton Cherry Pickers
  • Calgary Knockouts
  • Edmonton Havoc
  • Ottawa Sonics
  • Calgary Vipers

Men’s C1

  • Montreal Capitals
  • Oakville Stars
  • Autobots
  • Montreal Bengals
  • Saskatoon Wheat Kings

Men’s C2

  • Montreal Punishers
  • Durham Dirty Shwas
  • Surrey Scorpionz
  • Montreal United Arms
  • Edmonton Rooks

Men’s D

  • Edmonton McMuffins
  • Montreal A’s
  • SBS Slayers
  • Montreal Unknown
  • Port City Alpine Pigeons
  • Saskatchewan Thunder
  • Milano’s Express
  • Kitchener Twisted Ends
  • Montreal Bramabulls
  • Victoria Ducks
  • Oshawa Snipers

Catch the Action

For schedules, standings, results and statistics, click the links below:

For a live webcast, CLICK HERE

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