A Look Ahead to the World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championship

It feels like we’ve been waiting for this one for a while. Over the last few tournaments we’ve been to and interviews we’ve conducted, the common thread that comes up is the World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championship (WOBHC) presented by Bauer. The tournament is a “clash of the titans” as it were, as several of the most talented teams in the sport will meet in Barrie, Ontario to a battle for the top spot in their division and a cash prize of $1000. This year’s WOBHC is almost here, and we’re going to give you the rundown on what you can expect out of the tournament.

Where and When

As we mentioned, the tournament will be taking place in Barrie, ON. over the weekend of September 22nd-24th. The Men’s A and B/C, & Women’s A/B divisions will be hosted by the Barrie Ball Hockey Club, and will see the return of some previous champions, like the Niagara War Pigs. According to, the Men’s A division is an open division featuring some of the top talent in ball hockey. The Men’s B/C division teams are limited to a total of 4 restricted players, with a maximum of 3 restricted A players. The Women’s A/B teams have no restrictions, and the divisions will split into A & B based on preliminary game results.

Additionally, Men’s Over 35 and Coed division games will be held later, over the weekend of October 13th-15th, in St. Catharines, ON. and will feature all teams pooled in a single division to be split into an A & B pool after preliminary games are played.

Returning Champions

We have a feeling there’s going to be some really heated matches at this year’s WOBHC. Specifically, we’re excited to see if the War Pigs will be able to hang on to their place as the 2016 Men’s A Champs. Assistant Captain of BHi’s Great Britain Heritage Team, Bryan McGahey will be joining the Pigs’ roster this year, and while we’re well aware of his prowess as a player, he’s told us that “[The WOBHC] attracts over 60 teams…” and returning as last year’s champs makes the Pigs a target. Surely the other teams will be keeping them in their crosshairs throughout the weekend, which will lead to some high-intensity games, so whatever the outcome, we know they’ll be a hell of a thing to watch.

For more information on this year’s WOBCH, click here, where have laid out all the rules and prizing, as well as a handy guide on where to stay if you’re planning on making your way to the tournament.

We’ll be there!

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