2019 World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships Wrap Up

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The 2019 World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships (WOBHC) presented by Bauer took place September 20-22, 2019 at the Barrie Ball Hockey Club.  The WOBHC is one of Ontario’s biggest ball hockey events of the year, showcasing the best the province has to offer in Men’s and Women’s divisions.

Men’s A

The Men’s A Division featured four strong teams competing for the championship, including two former winners.  After the round robin portion, the standings looked like this:

Niagara War Pigs3211011
Barrie Flyers3219.59
Ottawa Godfathers3126.511
Barrie Maple Kings31246


  • Niagara War Pigs 6 – Barrie Maple Kings 4
  • Barrie Flyers 2 – Ottawa Godfathers 1 (OT)


  • Niagara War Pigs 2 vs. Barrie Flyers 1

Women’s Division

In the Women’s Division, 10 teams had their eye on the prize with last year’s champion not returning in 2019.  After the round robin, these were the standings:

Ontario Panthers330013.5
Simcoe Storm320112.5
Ottawa Blackouts320111
Beastie Bitches321010
Toronto Team Name31117.5
Niagara Goonies31117
Barrie Box Shots31207
Barrie Better Halves30125.5
London Pacers30300.5
Barrie Blasters30300.5


  • Ottawa Blackouts 4 – Niagara Goonies 0
  • Beastie Bitches 3 – Toronto No Name 0
  • Simcoe Storm 4 – Barrie Box Shots 1
  • Ontario Panthers 7 – Barrie Better Halves 0


  • Ontario Panthers 3 – Beastie Bitches 0
  • Ottawa Blackouts 2 – Simcoe Storm 1


  • Ontario Panthers 1 – Ottawa Blackouts 0 (OT)

Men’s B/C

40 teams competed in the Men’s B/C division this year.  After the round robin, the top 16 advanced to the B playoffs and the following 16 advanced to the C playoffs, with all remaining teams eliminated.  After the 3 game round robin, here were the standings:

New Sudbury Zambronies330014.5
Garden City Empire330014
Southwest Cowboys330013.5
Hamilton Outlaws330013.5
London Reapers330013
Barrie Titans330013
Barrie Wolfpack320111.5
Barrie “B” Maple Kings321010.5
Niagara Bricksquad321010.5
Toronto Big Bastone321010
Niagara Falls Canucks321010
Hamilton Knights321010
Niagara Marvel321010
Hamilton Haze310210
Kitchener Fury32109.5
Niagara Hitmen32109.5
Barrie Blue Line Bandits32109
Barrie “B” Flyers31116.5
Fonthill Vicious Alpacas31116.5
Toronto Running Rebels31116.5
Dream Team31206
Parry Sound Kingsmen30126
Orillia Rage31205.5
Hamilton Vikings31205
Barie/Orillia Wolves31205
Timmins Sharpshooters31205
Saskatechwan Takedowns31204
Niagara Warriors30304
Grimsby Brew Crew30213.5
Fire Breathing Aussies30213.5
Hamilton Lightning30213.5
Hamilton Ducks30213.5
Steel City Jokers30302
Ottawa Morning Wood30301
The Undertakers30300.5
Oshawa North Stars30300

Men’s B Quarter-Finals

  • Barrie “B” Maple Kings 2 – Niagara Marvel 1
  • Toronto Big Bastone 3 – Hamilton Knights 0
  • Barrie Titans 3 – Kitchener Fury 2
  • Southwest Cowboys 5 – Niagara Hitmen 0

Men’s B Semi-Finals

  • Barrie Titans 5 – Barrie “B” Maple Kings 1
  • Southwest Cowboys 5 – Toronto Big Bastone 1

Men’s B Final

  • Barrie Titans 1 – Southwest Cowboys 0

Men’s C Quarter-Finals

  • Barrie “B” Flyers 4 – Barrie/Orillia Wolves 0
  • Dream Team 4 – Parry Sound Kingsmen 2
  • Tsunami 5 – Timmins Sharpshooters 1
  • Niagara Warriors 1 – Barrie Blue Line Bandits 0

Men’s C Semi-Finals

  • Barrie “B” Flyers 5 – Dream Team 2
  • Niagara Warriors 3 – Tsunami 2 (OT)

Men’s C Final

  • Barrie “B” Flyers vs. Niagara Warriors
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