2019 Street Hockey USA National Tournament

The 2019 Street Hockey USA National Tournament kicks off this weekend at the RMU Island Sports Center in Pittsburgh, PA.  In the Dek Hockey grouping, there will be 26 teams split between B and C divisions.

B Division

The B Division features 14 teams and will see a jump in skill level with the elimination of an A Division.  The full list of teams includes:

  • Dek Hounds
  • Team Pitt Snipers
  • American Lite
  • Purple Power
  • Brookline
  • Militia
  • Hark’s Place
  • WarBirds Red
  • Dirty Birds
  • WarBirds Black
  • Raleigh Thunder
  • Fusion Sting
  • Hot Shots
  • LHC

Teams To Watch

Among the group will be the Militia and American Lite, who both move down from last year’s A Division.  Additional high caliber teams include last year’s B Division winners, Hark’s Place and Finalist, Raleigh Thunder.  We also recommend keeping an eye on Team Pitt Snipers, and Fusion Sting.

C Division

This year’s C Division includes 12 teams, and a lot of new faces.  The full list of participants includes:

  • Bill’s
  • Misfits Black
  • Old Time Savages
  • Shockers
  • Misfits Gold
  • WBJ & H
  • Bullet Club
  • Painesville/Erie
  • AIT B
  • Chicago Ball Hogs
  • Harrisburg
  • Raleigh B

Teams To Watch

Out of the gate, we’ll be keeping an eye on Misfits Black and Chicago Ball Hogs as they both made it through to last year’s B Division quarter-finals. 


For a full schedule, which also includes two Roller Hockey divisions, visit the Street Hockey USA website HERE.  We also recommend following @StreetHockeyUSA on Twitter for game updates over the weekend.

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