2019 Club Championships Tournament Wrap Up

I don’t think our preview could have predicted the level of competitiveness that was showcased at this past weekend’s Club Championships.  The host Pittsburgh Dek Hockey Organization and the Pittsburgh Gods put on an incredible event that saw 20 of the best ball hockey teams across North America leave it all on the floor in an outstanding tournament.

For a full video re-cap, check out this great video podcast from Dek Hockey Focus.

Round Robin

In the round robin, each team played three games before splitting into A and B Pools for the playoffs.  Based on each team’s record, they would be assigned a seed for the playoffs.

Additionally, after the round robin play, the bottom two A Teams met the Top 2 B Teams in an A grouping play-in game.  The winners were promoted to the A pool play on Sunday while the losing teams were relegated to the B pool.

The standings after the round robin:

A Division Standings  
Team Seed
Gods (Pittsburgh, PA) 1
Godfathers (Ottawa, ON) 2
Warpigs (Niagara, ON) 3
Rebels (Niagara, ON) 4
RedLite (Montreal, QC) 5
GS Warriors (South Jersey, NJ) 6
Americans (Leominster, MA) 7
Flyers (Barrie, ON) 8
Savages (Stoney Creek, ON) 9
Arsenal (Penn Hills, PA) 10
Bauer Saints (Boston, MA) 11
Graffix (Phoenixville, PA) 12
B Division Standings  
Team Seed
As Is Tradition (Mt. Pleasant, PA) 1
Dirty Birds (Pittsburgh, PA) 2
Barons (Los Angeles, CA) 3
Outlaws (Hamilton, ON) 4
Blitzkrieg (Pittsburgh, PA) 5
Empire (East Coast, USA) 6
Rage (Rhode Island, USA) 7
GS Indians (South Jersey, NJ) 8

“A” Group Play In Games

The Group A Play In Game pitted (B1) As Is Tradition against (A12) Graffix and the (B2) Dirty Birds versus (A11) Saints.   These games were a great display of the parity that exists between the two groups.  The results were split and it was the (B2) Dirty Birds and (A12) Graffix moving on to the A pool while the (A11) Saints and the B1) AIT were relegated to the B Pool.

Playoff Results

With the play in games complete, it was time to kick off the playoffs.  Note, the scores for each game were not available however, winners and losers are identified.

Stadium Rink        
Time Home Score Away Score
7:15 AM Americans 3 Arsenal 4
8:20 AM RedLite 7 AIT 0
9:25 AM Dirty Birds W Rage L
10:30 AM Outlaws 0 Blitzkrieg 4
11:35 AM Rebels L RedLite W
12:40 PM Warpigs W Warriors L
1:05 PM Dirty Birds L Barons W
3:15 PM GS Indians W Barons L
Garden Rink        
Time Home Score Away Score
7:15 AM Flyers 0 Savages 2
8:20 AM Warriors 4 Saints 1
9:25 AM Graffix L Indians W
10:30 AM Barons 6 Empire 2
11:35 AM Gods W Arsenal L
12:40 PM Godfathers W Savages L
1:05 PM Indians 4 Blitzkrieg 1
2:10 PM Gods 6 RedLite 0
3:15 PM Godfathers 1 Warpigs 3
5:25 PM Gods 2 Warpigs 1


The A Pool Championship was a game for the ages, which saw the Warpigs and Gods battle into triple-overtime before the Gods capitalized on a turnover to keep the championship on home floor.

image of pittsburgh gods
A Champions: Pittsburgh Gods

The B Pool Championship made for another great story, as the GS Indians finished the round robin as the 8 seed before catching fire in the playoffs enroute to defeating the LA Barons.

image of GS Indians ball hockey team
B Champions: GS Indians

Congratulations to both teams on their wins!

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