2017 ISBHF World Championships Wrap Up

Tournament Summary

The International Street & Ball Hockey Federation’s (ISBHF) World Championships have come to a close, and as we predicted in our preview piece, there were no shortage of interesting storylines that the competing teams brought with them to the tournament. While Team Canada did not take home this gold this year, they played some great games, and in the end showed that they’re a force to be reckoned with, losing by only two goals to Slovakia in the final period. Slovakia played a great game of ball hockey, and were awarded the well deserved gold medal at the end of the tournament.

Though Canada didn’t take home the gold, they played extremely well throughout the games winning them a silver overall. As we noted in our preview coverage, the Czech Republic has a number of very skilled club teams and they have a great deal of experience playing as a united National squad. This familiarity landed them a respectable bronze medal, after beating out Greece 4-3. Make no mistake, it was a close game. The Czech Republic let a goal in in the last period meaning they were only leading by one, but managed to keep that lead right up until the final moments of the game earning their third place spot.

Final Team Placements:

Slovakia in 1st place
Canada in 2nd place
Slovakia beat Canada 6-4

Czech Republic in 3rd place
Greece in 4th place
Czech Republic beat Greece 4-3

USA in 5th place
Portugal in 6th place
USA beat Portugal in their final game 8-2

Switzerland in 7th place
India in 8th place
Switzerland beat India in their final game 5-0

Finland in 9th place
Italy in 10th place
Finland beat Italy in their final game 6-3.

The final scores for all games played at the ISBHF World Championships can be viewed right here  as well as archives of the games’ broadcasts.

Find Out More

In case you missed it, we caught up with Team Canada’s own Brian Szolga to answer a few questions for us about what it’s like to be selected to represent his country in the tournament. Read all about it right here

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